Sunday, February 17(12.20PM-LA time zone- at TCL Chinese Theaters Hollywood) the US premiere of “Mathera” will take place during the “Los Angeles, Italy – Film, Fashion and Art Fest”.

The premiere has been requested by LA, Italy Festivalto celebrate Materaas the Capital of Culture 2019and to honour the eightieth birthday of Francis Ford Coppola, who was born there. The film – in native8K is about the redemption and the comeback of Matera, one of the three oldest inhabited cities in the world.

The houses created in the caves of Matera are the proof that even small communities can survive the test of time: from its origins to the contemporary flourishing, the city made it through a time when it was referred to as the “shame of Italy” because of the misery and backwardness in which its people used to live.

Today Matera is qualified as one of the most desired tourist destinations in Italy and it is in the middle of an extremely dynamic territory where tradition, science and technology intertwine in a journey between past, present and future of humanity. Mathera offers a reflection on the beauty and potential of the city, trying to convey the history of the most representative place of rural life and rural traditions in Italy: it is also recognized as an UNESCO heritagefor its exceptional nature. The directors of the movie are Francesco Invernizziand Vito Salinaro; the screenplay is by Elena Baucke andVito Salinaroand the editorial coordinator is Stefano Paolo Giussani.Pietro Laureanoand Antonio Acitocontributed as scientific advisors.

Following – on Sunday, February 17th(2.55PM LA time zone) – the world premiere of the whole movie “Leonardo 500” will be screened. The movie is directed by Francesco Invernizzi and it is dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci: 2019, in fact, is the year in which we honour the genius, 500 years after his death. The movie in native 8k will be in cinemas in Italy on February 18th, 19th and 20th.

It was considered worthy of being included in the schedule of the celebrations for “Milan Leonardo 500” of the City of Milan and it also enjoys the extraordinary patronage of theLombardy Regionand of public and private institutions. “Leonardo 500” is a journey to discover the thought and the scientific heritage of the Renaissance genius and to better understand how his intuitions find their application in contemporary society.

OnMonday, February 18th (2.55 PM LA time zone) – will take place the US premiere of “Bernini”(directed by Francesco Invernizzi); moreover on Wednesday, February 20th(1.20 PM LA time zone) there will be a second world preview of the movie “Palladio” (directed by Giacomo Gatti).

All the titles that will be at the “LA, Italy Festival”, together with Wunderkammer and Canova are distributed theatrically in Italy by Magnitudo Film with CHILI and they are distributed worldwide by Magnitudo Film.