Matteo Garrone
On December 27, Garrone will be in attendance along with the film’s performers, Sarr and Fall.

Matteo Garrone’s movie “Me Captain” will receive the 2023 Capri Humanitarian Award, a special acknowledgment to be presented at the 28th edition of Capri, Hollywood – The International Film Festival, scheduled to unfold from December 27 to January 2.

The festival is promoted by the Ministry of Culture (Film and Audiovisual Department), Campania Region, with the support of the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, which has completely embraced the recognition for Garrone’s movie, announced by the Capri in the World Institute.

According to Oscar recipient Bobby Moresco, Chairman of Capri, Hollywood 2023, “Me Captain’ is well deserving of the Capri Humanitarian Award, as it incarnates an important work of art encouraging inclusion and solidarity among human beings, showing the utmost respect for individuality and cultural diversity. The movie emphasizes the importance of brotherhood and the need for developing sensitivity towards those whose existence is laden with discomfort and distress in large parts of the world, and whose struggle for a better life needs to be acknowledged and supported by the rest of the world.” The Italian-American screenwriter and director Moresco will be on the board of the festival’s 2023 edition together with Jim Sheridan, Shekhar Kapur, Michael Radford, the Italians Mimmo Calopresti, Enrico Vanzina, Oscar winners Alessandro Bertolazzi and Gianni Quaranta, Tony Renis (honorary chairperson) and singer Noa (honorary president).

“This is a new opportunity to open up to African migrants to whom we had previously dedicated the 2016 edition of Capri Hollywood,” added Pascal Vicedomini, founder and producer of the festival that traditionally paves the way to the global awards season. “And we’re pleased to warmly welcome the protagonists of a work that has touched the hearts of international audiences beyond all expectations. Unfortunately, the European Film Academy’s regulations don’t allow young actors Seydou Sarr and Moustapha Fall to be eligible for awards, despite their extraordinary performances and amazing achievements. As of 2023, we hope that the regulation will soon be amended in consideration of the new world and film realities.”

Hollywood reporter