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4.30 pm “BALAENA” dir. Alessia Cecchet 9’ – Panorama

5.00 pm “CRUMBS” dir. Rebecca Marie Margot 16’ – Panorama

5.30 pm “CACTUS” dir. Luca Mariani 11’ – Panorama          

6.00 pm “CHROMA KEY” dir. Max Puglisi 15’ – Panorama

6.30 pm “DISAPPEARED INTERNET” dir. Matteo Cirillo and Bonolis Bros 14’ – Panorama

7.00 pm “68.415” dir. Antonella Sabatino, Stefano Blasi 20′ – Panorama

7.30 pm “FARFALLE” dir. Marco Pattarozzi 20’ – Panorama

7.30 pm “PLASTICENE” dir. Jari Brontesi 12′ – Panorama

8.00 pm “CTR+Z” dir Giulia Olivieri 55’ – Docu is Beautiful

8.00 pm  “E’ SOLO IL VENTO” dir. Enrico Iannaccone 20′ – Panorama  

9.00 pm “BEAUTY QUEEN” dir. Federico Russotto 20′ – Panorama 

10.00 pm “IN SUSPENSE” dir. Martina Dall’Ara 90′ – Docu is Beautiful



4.30 pm “FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES” dir. Lorenzo Maria Chierici 17’ – Panorama         

5.00 pm “FRANCESCA E NUNZIATA” dir. Lina Wertmüller 125’ (single vision) – HONORING THE ITALIAN MASTERS BY INTESA SAN PAOLO

5.30 pm “LA BAMBOLA DI PEZZA” dir. Nicola Conversa 20’ – Panorama

6.00 pm “LA CERVA” dir. Alessandro Della Casa 15’ – Panorama   

6.30 pm “LETTER FROM BORGO NUOVO” dir. Matteo Di Fiore 42’ – Docu is Beautiful

7.00 pm “YOU PROMISED” dir. Marco Renda 8′ – Panorama

7.30 pm “MEMORIE DI UNA LAVANDERIA AD ACQUA” dir. Filippo M.Cariglia 25’ – Docu is Beautiful  

7.30 pm “STATI D’INFANZIA” dir. Arianna Massimi 25′ – Docu is Beautiful                

8.00 pm “THE SONG OF THE CICADAS” dir. Marcella Piccinini 60’ – Docu is Beautiful     

8.00 pm “BLOW JASMINE” dir. Marco Cavazzin, Luca Moro 20′ – Panorama

9.00 pm “DONDE LOS NIÑOS NO SUEÑAN” dir. Stefano Sbrulli 20′ – Docu is Beautiful   

9.00 pm “STORY OF YOUR LIFE” dir. Salvatore de Chirico 19′ – Panorama

10.00 pm “SWEET HOME” dir. Lorenzo Sisti 19′ – Panorama 



5.00 pm “NICA” dir. Giuditta Vasile 9’ – Panorama

5.30 pm “RESTI” dir. Federico Fadiga 13’ – Panorama

6.00 pm “TANA LIBERA TUTTI” dir. Valerio Filardo 12’ – Panorama

6.30 pm “THE GOD OF CATS IS IMMORTAL” dir. Riccardo Copreni 18’ – Panorama

7.00 pm “GUARDIANO DEL FARO” dir. Lorenzo Ferrò 14′ – Panorama

7.30 pm “TIKTOK STAR” dir. Adriano Giotti 15’ – Panorama

7.30 pm “TERRE MUTATE” dir. Alessandro Marinelli 60′ – Docu is Beautiful 

8.00 pm “IL MESSAGGERO” dir. Pete L Ferraro 64’ – Docu is Beautiful     

8.00 pm “THE BALL” dir. Susy Laude 15′ – Panorama

9.00 pm “A CONSPIRACY MAN” dir. Valerio Ferrara 19′ – Panorama

9.00 pm “AFTERMATCH” dir. Stefano Monti 20′ – Panorama

10.00 pm “THE DELAY” dir. Mattia Napoli 15′ – Panorama



4.30 pm “TRE VOLTE ALLA SETTIMANA” dir. Emanuele Vicorito 13’ – Panorama     

5.00 pm “CANI’’ dir. Matteo Guiducci and Andrea Banfi 15’ – Panorama

5.30 pm “WIND DAY” dir. Enrico Poli 20’ – Panorama

6.00 pm “C’ERA UNA VOLTA RIBOLLA” dir Giovanni Guidelli 19’ – Panorama

6.30 pm “CANINE” dir. Lorenzo Mandelli 19’ – Panorama

7.00 pm “BERTIE WROTE ME A POEM” dir. Vittoria Rizzardi Penalosa 18′ – Panorama

7.30 pm “DALIA” dir. Joe Juanne Piras 17’ – Panorama

7.30 pm “THE MIRACLE OF STRAWBERRY LEAF” dir. Claudia De Salve 14′ – Panorama

8.00 pm “LA GRANDE GUERRA DEL SALENTO” dir. Marco Pollini 96’ – Look at

8.00 pm “FLEGREA – UN FUTURO PER BAGNOLI” dir. Stefano Romano 56′ – Docu is Beautiful

9.00 pm “THE FATHER’S PLACE” dir. Francesco D’Ascenzo 20′ – Docu is Beautiful

9.00 pm “THE SPACE BETWEEN US” dir. Piernicola Arena 13′ – Panorama

9.00 pm “CORSA ABUSIVA” dir. Andrea Bifulco 92′ – Look at

10.00 pm ” IN YOUR ARMS” dir. Ildo Brizi 10′ – Panorama



4.30 pm “ENDLESS WAITING” dir. Francesco Lo Russo 20’ – Panorama

5.00 pm “FIGHTING AMERICA” dir. Chiara Tripaldi 13’ – Docu is Beautiful

5.30 pm “IKOS” dir. Giuseppe Sciarra 15’ – Panorama

6.00 pm “DINO MARIANELLI: THE MEMORY KEEPER” dir. Eleonora Giogli 67’ – Docu is Beautiful

6.30 pm  “IL PERDONO” dir. Roberto Flammia 11’ – Panorama 

7.00 pm “THE EMPTINESS’ CALL” dir. Nora Trebastoni 15′ – Panorama 

7.30 pm “MILVA” dir. Nico Capogna 60’ – Docu is Beautiful

7.30 pm “UNE BOUFFEE D’AIR” dir. Federico Caria 18′ – Panorama 

8.00 pm “THE CONFESSOR” dir. Filippo Pax and Frank Cavallino 15’ – Panorama  

8.00 pm “DEAD CAT BOUNCE” dir. Antonino Valvo 16′ – Panorama  

9.00 pm JAMAL TOSMAL” dir. Martina Pastori 17′ – Panorama  

9.00 pm “H1” dir. Luigi Marmo 16′ – Panorama

9.00 pm “LARVAE” dir. Alessandro Rota 29’- Panorama

10.00 pm “THEY CALL ME ONION” dir. Riccardo Baiocco and Giansalvo Pinocchio 68′ – Docu is Beautiful



4.30 pm “LETIZIA” dir. Francesco Manzato 20’ – Panorama

5.00 pm “ME AND YOU” dir. Valentina De Amicis 11’ – Panorama    

5.30 pm “LIKE A REAL COUPLE” dir. Christian Angeli 60’ – Docu is Beautiful

6.00 pm “RISE AND SHINE” dir. Alessandro Zonin 10’ – Panorama

6.30 pm “THE ANNIVERSARY” dir. Marius GAbriel Stancu 17’ – Panorama

7.00 pm “THE CONNECTION” dir. Daniele Morelli 20′ – Panorama

7.30 pm “ANIMALIA” dir. Giovanni Battista Bacilieri 30′- Panorama

8.00 pm “DEAD WEIGHT” dir. Francesco Del Grosso 87’ – Docu is Beautiful

8.00 pm “LA CONFESSIONE” dir. Giuseppe D’ Angella, Simone D’ Alessandro 15′ – Panorama

9.00 pm “THE GREAT MELIES” dir. Beatrice Campagna 13′ – Panorama

9.00 pm ” AL CAPOLINEA ” dir. Michele Schiano 12′ – Panorama

9.00 pm “MULTUMESC (MISSION HOPE FOR UKRAINE)” dir. Claudio Cescutti 24’ – Docu is Beautiful 

10.00 pm ” ERRECONZERO FROM ALARM TO AWAKENING ” dir. Andrea Ferrante 85′ – Docu is Beautiful



4.30 pm “PURE” dir. Federico Mottica 17’ – Panorama

5.00 pm “IN YOUR SHOES” dir. Damiano Monaco 13’ – Panorama

5.30 pm “THANKS MICHELE” dir. Rosario Errico 14’ – Panorama

6.00 pm “LA CAREZZA” dir. Raffaele Grasso 14’ – Panorama

6.30 pm “MENTRE NON C’ERI” dir. Maurizio Rigatti 10’ – Panorama

7.00 pm “THE DEPENDENT VARIABLES” dir. Lorenzo Tardella 16′ – Panorama

7.30 pm “THE NINTH CURSE” dir Domenico Bruzzese, Mauro Mola and Bruno Ugioli 10’ – Panorama

8.00 pm “IL SAPORE DELLA TERRA” dir. Giulio Filippo Giunti 55’ – Docu is Beautiful

8.00 pm “LOU & GEM” dir. Sophie Fazio, Ava Bodnar 9′ – Panorama

9.00 pm “ONCE UPON A TIME IN BROOKLYNO” dir. Michele Petruzziello 90′ – Docu is Beautiful




Lourdes and her family live a few meters from a huge lead mine that contaminates their environment. Lourdes’ children suffer from serious illnesses caused by heavy metal poisoning, affecting their life expectancy. The need to get them away from the place that is killing them, clashes with the social and economic impossibility of imagining a future elsewhere.


Jasmine and Zeno are two teens lost in a world that they created for themself. Jasmine sees Zeno as the only person capable of taking care of her. They survive by stealing wherever they can just to buy some drug doses. Zeno will be able to get a gun to strike a robbery in a mini-market, but something will go wrong and they will start to understand that a world outside of them exists. The love dinamica will collapse and Jasmine will be finally able to free herself from her mental prison.


Vittoria, a fifteen-year-old, after having sex for the first time, secretly goes to the hospital to take the morning-after pill. In the long and tedious hospital process, Vittoria struggles to keep a difficult secret.


To exorcise a discomfort Matteo imagines a different destiny. But will it really be just a game?


In a world without food and overgrown with plastic, Zigle Clinic test a new food re-educate method.


A whale lies stranded on the beach, and a woman seeks closure through a simulacrum while human interlopers observe, collect, dissect, and take selfies.


Alfredo is a policeman, he lives with his three sons and his wife Donatella in a small apartment. The family is waiting for the fourth son. The job, the arrival of the baby, and the small and the big problems of life are oppressing him. An emergency call for an armed robbery will change his vision of life.


Cosimo Rega, Cosimo Rega – in reality, a former lifer who became an actor through a work of recovery and reflection started during his imprisonment – leaves the Rebibbia prison as a free man. Suspended and alienated, he retraces the places of his past but emotions, thoughts and unexpected feelings unsettle his meeting with freedom.             


James is a death row inmate in an American prison. For his good behavior, he is rewarded with his great dream, to see himself free acting in virtual reality. The experiment will be conducted by Gwyneth, a psychologist who used the classic Chroma Key effect will make James the protagonist of a film set outdoors. The results and the emotions will be tested by the psychologist in an exciting context.


Andrea is a guy who seems to be out of touch with the people around him. Constantly on the phone, by now they seem to live only through the social reality in which Andrea is not remotely interested. Firmly convinced that small real encounters with strangers are the glue that holds together our society, he is desperately trying to start a conversation with someone, but after the umpteenth failure, he decides to disappear from the virtual world paying dearly for the consequences.


Apennines of Emilia, Caterina spends her last days with Patrick, a childhood friend, before he leaves for America. After an unexpected late-night party-where the booze was “laced” with a psychotropic substance-Cate wakes up with the marks of a rape on her, of which she remembers nothing. she soon senses that it is not only distance that will distance her from Patrick.


Four young hikikomori and the author meet virtually, to discover that we can say no to the rhythms that our society imposes on us.              


On the evening of 21 November 1974, the Provisional Irish Republic of Army carried out a terrorist attack in Birmingham (UK). It was recognized as the bloodiest attack in Troubles England. This short film tells the “behind the scenes” of this attack, which hides a series of mistakes, delays, and frictions within the same terrorist cell responsible for it.             


At the beginning of the century, in Italy, a wealthy woman Francesca (Loren), adopts a poor little girl named Nunziata. As the years pass, Nunziata falls in love Federico (Bova), her adoptive brother, the son of Francesca.        


Dream, write, and tell a story. Your words become a story, your online diary becomes public. A way to share your emotions and find other souls with passions and fears. Mia (Mariasole Pollio) is 16 years old and thanks to her virtual diary get in contact with Tommaso (Giancarlo Commare) a sensitive, careful, and full-of-energy Prince Charming, tailor-made for her. A magic encounter made by chat and later on video call until the fateful event: see each other in person…


In a mountain wood suspended in time, a blind man and a girl meet each other on a crossroad; she invites him, while singing, to follow her up to a cave. The young man, not without some struggle, enters it, and there he falls into a deep slumber. He dreams of himself, hunting for a mysterious creature, but giving up, moved by mercy and love for her…             


Borgo Nuovo is the district from which the last remote houses of Palermo rise. The windows mirror each other, from one of these the director tells us the place where he was born, where his mother grew up and that both now hope to leave, imagining another place to call home.


After almost twenty years in business, the historic water laundry in Lecce’s San Pio district closed down. Before it, the same fate had befallen other businesses that had been part of the urban fabric of that corner of the street for years. It is the phenomenon of gentrification.             


The thread that unites a mother with her daughter, close but distant, dumb but warriors. A story of rage and poetry.            


In Romania, on the border with Moldova, humanitarian aid was sent from Udine from different areas of Italy following the request for help from the Sisters of Providence engaged in the reception of refugees fleeing the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in Chisinau (Moldova) and in Iasi (Romania) in the collection of basic necessities, to be taken to the Ukrainian border.


A little girl and a father wake up in a bare and full of jokes house. They’re living their last morning together. Suddenly something happened: an abandonment without any sadness. An another game? Another hide-and-seek where they, probably, learn to find each other.


A group of friends on the edge of adulthood travel to a party. Stuck in traffic, they make a stop and enter an abandoned place, which evokes in the group an ancient feeling that will plunge them into their inner turmoil.


Ali is an Afghan child living in a tent city near the port of Patras. He tries every day, to illegally embark to reach Italy. In his latest attempt, he tries to hide inside a caravan. He thus meets Claudio, who is leaving the island with his family.


Aco, a lively fourteen-year-old who wastes away his summer days in Bergamo with friends, is in love with Cate, a girl who doesn’t speak to him anymore ever since he started a false rumor of them having sex. When he’ll find out Cate has lost her cat, Aco decides to look for the lost pet to reconquer the girl’s trust.


Sandra and Jessy have lost their home, for Sandra, it’s not easy to carry on the family with her partner in prison. Sandra will have to make a difficult decision.


The story of this unique Italian-American experience . It tells the story of one man’s idea to bring messages of hope and joy to America as he settles his family in Sharpsburg, PA, a city suburb of Pittsburgh. In doing so, he unknowingly immortalizes a generation of Italians and some 50 years later we see its impact on the next generation living in the U.S.             


The Berrezzella sisters are avid Lotto players; three times a week they try their luck, fueling it with due superstition and an ancient technique. One day, in Vico Scassacocchi, they are confronted with the scene of a betrayal, which becomes yet another opportunity for them to try their luck and change their lives forever…            


This is the story of a man, THE GUARDIAN, and of a CHILD. Both are forced to live in a reality made of dust, blood, and violence, that of clandestine dog fighting. The child is the protagonist of this story.


In a world now condemned by pollution, a man realizes only in the face of death that perhaps there is really no time to change things. In the indifference of those around him, he tries to save at least his family, but without success. He is thus stuck outside himself, like someone who has made a decision too late.


Ribolla, Italy, May 1954. A man is awakened in the middle of the night by noises; he gets up and to his amazement sees four men in worn-out clothes sitting around his poor kitchen table. They are talking to something locked inside a small cage.


With his girlfriend away on a business trip, Alan discovers that their dog has gone missing from their flat while he was out. Increasingly disturbed, Alan embarks on a grueling search – a lonely and vulnerable search.


Sara, a 7-year-old girl, is found unconscious in the woods. She was kidnapped and abused. It is the most difficult case that Dalia, a child psychologist with a simple life, has ever dealt with.


After World War II, while history licks the wounds of two world wars, another one is unleashed in Salento, which has the inhabitants of two villages, Supersano and Ruffano, as armies. To make her explode desires for power, delusions of omnipotence, madness and … a football match.


A woman in her twelfth month of pregnancy is unable to give birth. To finally be able to hug her baby, she decides to travel, together with a new-age midwife, to meet a shaman who lives isolated in the woods.


Pat is a boxing coach who owns a free-access gym in Brooklyn, where he trains future hopefuls. His best athlete is Anthony, a gifted boxer with a troubled past. Pat trains Anthony to win the Golden Gloves competition, but the arrival of an unknown virus from China, Covid-19, changes their lives and, perhaps, the fate of boxing.


Director Giuseppe Sciarra through the narrative voice of actor Edoardo Purgatori stages before the lens a transference between actor and director, in which Purgatori becomes Sciarra telling and living his story as a bullied teenager.


A film dedicated to the life of Dino Marinelli in the year he turns 90, It parades the memories of the protagonist, for 25 years the custodian and guide of the Pinacoteca di Città di Castello, writer, poet, and popular soul of the memory and culture of his town.


Igor Watkins is a famous German composer and conductor. In order to “unlock” his creativity he moved to a small Italian village, Gesualdo, which is the homeland of the “prince of musicians”, Carlo Gesualdo, a controversial figure who lived in the seventeenth century.


Milva is a mockumentary set in the future, specifically in 2036. In the near future, the Ilva plant in Taranto has become a hemp factory. Its buildings are no longer being used and are being redeveloped, this has led to the creation of the Milva Museum, designed to leave a trace, a historical memory of what man should no longer commit.


He is a man with no name, who listens patiently to the secrets and desires of passersby. No obstacle lies in the way, no sin is too grievous: all those who enter that car will leave, but only after having received penance and absolution.       


Letizia, a young, 16-year-old boxer, lives with her mother in a small town just outside Milan. After losing her job, her mum decides to move to Rome with the daughter where she can be supported by her parents. The film concentrates on the last few days before Letizia moves away, paying particular attention to the relationship she has with Clara.


Mia, 39, and Rick, 28, meet by chance on a Roman night and spend the evening together. They get to know each other intimately and weave an intense relationship, the age difference does not seem to be an issue between the two until they are faced with a choice they must make. Perhaps love is not enough?


A few young couples attend their very first couples vacation for people with Down syndrome. The couples challenge their ability to move in together, facing moments of intimacy and moments of misunderstanding, enthusiasm for a potential future and disappointments, lightness of spirit, and a sense of responsibility. Behind all their stories there’s a need to become autonomous and independent from their families.


Marine Corps military hospital, unspecified location. The morning of a sunny day. Two young soldiers, one white and the other Hispanic, share a hospital room on two beds side by side and separated only by a curtain for privacy. They do not see each other but talk to each other. Jason, the Hispanic soldier, wakes up first and calls his colleague, urging him to get a move on: the big day has arrived: they are going home.


Today, Rosa celebrates the anniversary of her engagement with Roberto. While she waits for him for dinner, she spends the afternoon in the pool with her younger brother Angelo. They begin to comment on a news story that happened a few days earlier: the body of a boy found in a field a few kilometers from the city. Roberto arrives before they expected: the glances between the three become enigmatic and restless.


Twenty-one long years. That’s how much Angelo Massaro spent under lock and key before he was found innocent of a crime he never committed. He was the protagonist of one of the most glaring miscarriages of justice that have ever occurred in Italy. A human odyssey that brings back to life – emotionally and physically – the key places and people that frame the story of this man’s unjust incarceration, and the shocking events surrounding it.


Love, hate, desire, and jealousy are in the middle of a couple, of Andrea and Fabrizio, who question the certainties of their relationship and their feelings.


After years, two former high school classmates meet in a 24-hour laundry. The reunion, however, quickly turns…


Michele is a boy with Down syndrome who loves to live life in a cheerful and carefree way, always smiling in the face of fate. With his inseparable friend Adriano, a paraplegic teenager, with a lively face and the soul of someone who feels free, they enjoy spending the day between jokes and jokes, leaving traces of their every passage in any corner of the country. Secretly in love with the beautiful Loredana, all occasions are good to see her or spend time with her.


Cesare is the new granitic guardian of the cemetery and Mario, a gentleman of another time seems to ignore he cannot come in because of the lockdown. Cesare will have to convince himself to open the gate and what happens next will change his point of view on the world for a long time.


Dr. Agordo provides home care for elderly Lorenza, now discouraged by illness and reluctant to stimuli. A piano establishes a strong empathy between the two, which awakens memories and brings up lifelong regrets in a whirlwind of emotions.


In Murazzano, a small town in the North of Italy (Langhe), an unusual bet takes place. One evening, in a tavern, the Duke Marquis promises that, if Lucky Beppe wins another game of cards, he will eat a whole hippo. The people who witnessed those events first-hand will now tell us the tremendous consequences of that promise.


These lands are still inhabited by ingenious men, who treasure centuries-old traditions to create unique and special gastronomic products and look confidently to the future of their territory.