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10:00am Honoring the Legendary Bernardo Bertolucci – Special Screening
The Last Emperor (163 min. – dir. Bernardo Bertolucci)

1:00pm Togetherness – Special Screening
Piazza Vittorio (75 min. – dir. Abel Ferrara)

2:30pm AMBI and PARADOX STUDIOS Present – US Premiere
Beyond the Sun (90 min. - dir. Graciela Rodriguez Gilio and Charlie Mainardi)

4:15pm Togetherness - US Premiere
All Before These Eyes (45 min. – dir. Walter Veltroni)

5:10pm Enjoy the Italian TV Series - US Premiere
Fabrizio De Andrè - Episode 1 (100 min. - dir. Luca Facchini)
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7:00pm Opening Ceremony

8:00pm Italian Cinema Today - World Premiere
Hotel Gagarin (94 min. – dir. Simone Spada)
The Director Simone Spada, the Producer Marco Belardi and the Actress Caterina Shulha will be introducing the movie
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10:00pm Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
Rainbow - A Private Affair (85 min. – dir. Paolo and Vittorio Taviani)
The Actor Lorenzo Richelmy will be introducing the movie


10:00am Celebrating the Legendary Franco Zeffirelli – Special Screening
Brother Sun, Sister Moon (122 min. – dir. Franco Zeffirelli)

12:15pm Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
The Start Up (97 min.– dir. Alessandro D’Alatri)

2.00pm Enjoy The Italia TV Series - US Premiere
The Boss Hunt (100 min. – dir. Giulio Manfredonia)

3:45pm Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
I’m – Endless Like the Space (109 min – dir. Anne Riitta Ciccone)

5:45pm Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
Let’s Talk (101 min. – dir. Sergio Rubini)
The Actress Maria Pia Calzone will be introducing the movie

7:30pm Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
Invisible Boy – Second Generation (100 min. – dir. Gabriele Salvatores)
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9:15pm Togetherness - US Premiere
Vasco Modena Park – The Movie (157 min.– dir. Pepsy Romanoff)
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10:00am Honoring the Legendary Franco Zeffirelli – Special Screening
The Champ (121 min. - dir. Franco Zeffirelli)

12:10pm Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
The Family House (90 min. – dir. Augusto Fornari)

1:45pm Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
Born in Casal Di Principe (96 min. – dir. Bruno Oliviero)

3:30pm Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
The Prize (90 min. – dir. Alessandro Gassman)

5:10pm Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
Beyond the Mist (86 min. – dir. Giuseppe Varlotta)
The Director Giuseppe Varlotta will be introducing the movie

6:45pm Honoring Lina Wertmuller – Special Screening
Behind the White Glasses (112 min – dir. Valerio Ruiz)

8:50pm Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
Ugly Nasty People (87 min. – dir. Cosimo Gomez)
The Director Cosimo Gomez will be introducing the movie

10:20pm Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
Couch Potatoes (100 min. – dir. Francesca Archibugi)


10:30am Honoring the Legendary Franco Zeffirelli – Special Screening
The Taming of The Shrew (122 min. – dir. Franco Zeffirelli)

12:45pm Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
Where the Shadows Fall (95 min. – dir. Valentina Pedicini)

2:30pm Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
Treasure Hunt (90 min. – dir. Carlo Vanzina)
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4:15pm Enjoy the Italian TV Series - US Premiere
Renata Fonte (93 min. – dir. Fabio Mollo)
The Actors Marco Leonardi and Michele Morrone will be introducing the movie

6:15pm Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
In My Steps (90 min. – dir. Claudio Sestieri)

8:00pm Italian Cinema Today – US Premiere
I’m Back (100 min. – dir. Luca Miniero)
The Producer Don Mannanm will be introducing the movie

9:50pm Italians Worldwide - Special Screening
9/11 (90 min. – dir. Martin Guigui)
The Director Martin Guigui, the D.P. Massimo Zeri
and members of the cast will be introducing the movie

To follow Short Cuts are Beautiful
Pipinara (14 min. – dir. Ludovico Di Martino)
The Hour of Darkness (11 min. – dir. Domenico De Feudis)


10:00am Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
Couples Therapy for Cheaters (97 min. – dir. Alessio Maria Federici)

11:45am Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
Adios Freakin’ Monsters from Venus (93 min – dir. Francesco Capalbo)

1:30pm Enjoy the Italian TV Series - US Premiere
Back Home (100 min. - dir. Riccardo Donna)

3:15pm Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
Poison – The Land of Fire (101 min. – dir. Diego Olivares)

5:15pm Italian Cinema Today – US Premiere
Free Throw (93 min. – dir. Alessandro Valori)
The Actors Simone Riccioni and Marianna Di Martino will be introducing the movie

7:00pm Honoring the Legendary Franco Zeffirelli – Special Screening
Romeo and Juliet (138 min. – dir. Franco Zeffirelli)

9:30pm Honoring Dennis Gassner and Alessandra Querzola - Special Screening
Blade Runner 2049 (164 min. – dir. Denis Villeneuve)


10:00am Enjoy the Italia TV Series - US Premiere
Rosy Abate (108 min. – dir. Beniamino Catena)

12:00pm Italian Cinema Today – Special Screening
Cinderella the Cat (86 min. – dir. Ivan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri,
Alessandro Rak, and Dario Sansone)
The Actors Maria Pia Calzone and Michele Morrone will be introducing the movie
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1:45pm Enjoy the Italia TV Series - US Premiere
Mermaids – Episodes 1 and 2 (100 min. – Davide Marengo)
The Actress Maria Pia Calzone will be introducing the movie
3:30pm Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
The Place (105 min. – dir. Paolo Genovese)
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5:30pm Italian Cinema Today – US Premiere
Like a Cat in a Highway (98 min. – dir. Riccardo Milani)

7:15pm Awards Ceremony

8:00pm AMBI Presents - US Premiere
Beyond the Edge (101 min. – dir. Aleksandr Boguslavskiy
and Francesco Cinquemani)
The Co-Producers Andrea Iervolino and Lady Monika Bacardi, the producers Evgeniy Melentev and Viktor Denisyuk, the Director Francesco Cinquemani, 
will be introducing the movie

10:00pm Short cut - US Premiere
Isabella (15 min. - Claudio Pelizzer)
to follow Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
Stories of Love That Cannot Belong to This World
(92 min. – dir. Francesca Comencini)


10:00am Enjoy the Italian TV Series - US Premiere
Fabrizio De Andrè - Episode 2 (100 min. - dir. Luca Facchini)

11:40am Italian Cinema Today - Special Screening
How to Grow Up Despite Your Parents (90 min. – dir. Luca Lucini)
The Actor Leonardo Cecchi will be introducing the movie

1.15pm Italian Cinema Today - US Premiere
The Vegetable (90 min. – dir. Gennaro Nunziante)

3:00pm Italian Cinema Today – Special Screening
I’m – Endless Like the Space (109 min – dir. Anne Riitta Ciccone)
The costume designer/make up and hair designer Andrea Sorrentino
will be introducing the movie

4:50pm Honoring Richard Harrison – Special Screening
Two Brothers in a Place Called Trinity (97 min. – dir. Renzo Genta
and Richard Harrison)
The Director and Actor Richard Harrison will be introducing the movie

6:30pm AMBI Presents - Special Screening
The Music of Silence (114 min. – dir. Michael Radford)


www.losangelesitalia.com And for specific questions please write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



THE LAST EMPEROR directed by Bernardo Bertolucci 
This sweeping account of the life of Pu Yi (John Lone), the last emperor of China, follows the leader's tumultuous reign. After being captured by the Red Army as a war criminal in 1950, Pu Yi recalls his childhood from prison. He remembers his lavish youth in the Forbidden City, where he was afforded every luxury but unfortunately sheltered from the outside world and the complex political situation surrounding him. As revolution sweeps through China, the world Pu Yi knew is dramatically upended.

PIAZZA VITTORIO directed by Abel Ferrara
A vivid mosaic of Piazza Vittorio, Rome’s biggest public square. The Piazza is now truly a crossroads of the modern world: it offers a perfect microcosm of the changes in the west brought by immigration and forced displacement. Ferrara talks with African musicians and restaurant workers, Chinese barkeeps and relocated eastern Europeans, homeless men and women, artists, members of the rightwing movement Casa Pound Italia, filmmaker Matteo Garrone, actor Willem Dafoe, and others, all with varying opinions about the vast changes they’re seeing in their neighborhood and the world.

BEYOND THE SUN directed by Graciela Rodriguez Gilio and Charlie Mainardi
“Beyond the Sun” is a modern-day tale of hope, faith and courage based on stories from the Bible. Featuring an awe-inspiring appearance by His Holiness Pope Francis, the film will be a children’s adventure story where a group of kids overcome obstacles of the wilderness while searching for God in the world around them. This uplifting story is intended to spiritually engage and encourage audiences of all ages to live their best life, make good choices and help others.

ALL BEFORE THESE EYES directed by Walter Veltroni 
Modiano is one of the few survivors of the Birkenau camp. Modiano was deported from Rodi when he was thirteen. His parents were killed, and he was left an orphan. The film tells of his deportation, his journey – first on a ship, then on a train, of his arrival at the "death camp," of his separation from his sister and their later encounter through a barbed wire barrier. He tells about his father's decision to let himself die and describes how he managed to survive the death march. Now over 80, Sami wonders why he survived the horror and reveals how his giving his account is the answer to the question bothering him since 1945.

FABRIZIO DE ANDRE' directed by Luca Facchini

On August 27, 1979, Italian songwriter Fabrizio De André and his partner, singer Dori Ghezzi, were abducted from their country house located near Tempio Pausania, in Sardinia. They were released four months later. During the imprisonment De André thinks about the major events of his adolescence and his adult life, through a number of flashbacks and daydreams during which he remembers the people he met, his moments of epiphany, his private relationships and his music activity. The film also explores the events after the abduction until Fabrizio and Dori’s wedding in 1989.

HOTEL GAGARIN directed by Simone Spada
Five penniless Italians looking for their big break are sent to shoot a film in Armenia. But when they arrive in Armenia, a war breaks out and their crooked producer vanishes along with the money. Whilst abandoned in the hotel Gagarin, secluded in the woods and buried under snow, they find an original and unexpected opportunity of unforgettable happiness.

RAINBOW - A PRIVATE AFFAIR directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani
Summer 1943, Piedmont, Italy. Milton loves Fulvia who plays with his love: she only likes the depth of his thought and the letters he writes to her. One year later, Milton has joined the Resistance and fights beside other partisans. He learns during a conversation that Fulvia was secretly in love with his best friend Giorgio, a partisan like him. Milton decides to go find Giorgio in the Langhe region of Italy with all its misty hills. But Giorgio has just been arrested by the Fascists.

BROTHER SUN, SISTER MOON directed by Franco Zeffirelli
This is a dramatization of events in the life of St. Francis of Assisi from before his conversion experience through his audience with the Pope, including his friendship with St. Clare.

THE START UP directed by Alessandro D’Alatri
Almost every adolescent dreams of inventing an app. This is what Matteo, a teenager annoyed has the ability to do. He creates a social platform where people negotiate job offers. At the beginning, no one believes in his project, but Matteo never loses his faith, and, in the end, he succeeds. At the age of 19, he suddenly receives national praise and becomes rich and popular. His ‘Start Up,’ which includes dozens of thousands of subscribers, becomes appealing to the most important companies. Success will soon take its toll.

THE BOSS HUNT - Episodes 1-2 directed by Giulio Manfredonia
Naples, 2011. Michele Romano, head of the anti-mafia unit, and his men have just arrested the Camorra mob boss Antonio Iovine, who had been in hiding the last fifteen years. When one of Romano’s informers, tips them off about the whereabouts of Michele Zagaria, the other Casalesi boss who is still missing, the unit immediately jumps back into action. The raid fails and Zagaria escapes. The unit sets out on a slow approach of surveillance, wiretapping, meetings with confidants and undercover operations to find the boss’ new hiding place.

I’M (ENDLESS LIKE THE SPACE) directed by Anne-Riitta Ciccone
Jessica, a 17 years old girl lives in a strange world, a place that could be our world possibly in the near future or in an alternate dimension. The point is that, whatever the nature of her world may be, her problems are the very same ours.

LET’S TALK directed by Sergio Rubini
Fifty-year-old Vanni is a well-known writer. Linda, 30, is his ghostwriter. They live in an attic in Rome as a perfect couple. Their best friends Constance and Alfredo, the so-called professor, a famous heart surgeon, are married. They belong to the upper class and manage their marriage as an Ltd. One evening, the professor and Constance burst into Vanni and Linda’s house. Constance has found out that Alfredo has a lover. This is the beginning of so many accusations also involving Vanni and Linda, and will bring unexpected hostility to both the couples throughout the night.

INVISIBLE BOY – SECONDO GENERATION directed by Gabriele Salvatores
Two years after its debut, the Invisible Boy is back with the second chapter of the saga, once again directed by Oscar-winner Gabriele Salvatores. The young superhero Michele is now 16 and is facing all the troubles of his age. However, it is hard to return to all of the problems this age demands after having discovered you have super powers.

VASCO MODENA PARK – THE MOVIE directed by Pepsy Romanoff
On July 1st, 2017 Italy’s most famous Rock Star, Vasco Rossi, celebrated his 40-year career with an event that involved a “little” crew of 220 thousand fans. With 26 albums, more than 250 songs and 35 million copies sold, Rossi is one of the best-selling and most appreciated Italian singers. It is already known as the concert that has broken all records: an audience of 220,000 people, 27 cameras in 4, 5 and 6K, 40 video-scenic designs, 500 video-messages during the performance of “Vivere”, and 35 editing lines. It is without a doubt the concert that all Italians will remember!

THE CHAMP directed by Franco Zeffirelli
Billy Flynn, a former boxing champion, is now a horse trainer at the Hialeah race track in Florida. He makes just enough money to raise his little boy T.J., over whom he got custody after his wife Annie left him seven years ago. T.J. worships The Champ who is now working on his comeback in order to give his boy a better future. However, life gets complicated when Annie resurfaces.

THE FAMILY HOUSE directed by Augusto Fornari
Financially ruined, Alex asks his sister Fanny and his twin brothers Oreste and Giacinto to lend him some money. In order to accommodate their brother, the three siblings decide to sell their father’s house. The father miraculously wakes up from a coma he has been in for years, on the day after his villa has been sold. The doctors advise the family that the patient should avoid any shock. The children immediately start to chase down the house’s old furniture, memorabilia and even the family dog, creating a real-life show based on countless lies told only for the greater good.

BORN IN CASAL DI PRINCIPE directed by Bruno Oliviero
Amedeo is a 20 years-old who moved to Rome from the South of Italy to become an actor. When his younger brother gets kidnapped by two hooded men, Amedeo returns to his village to discover the truth.

THE PRIZE directed by Alessandro Gassman
Because of his fear of flying, internationally renowned author Giovanni Passamonte decides to travel to Sweden by car, heading for Stockholm where he has been invited to attend the Nobel Prize ceremony. The author sets out on a long journey along with his assistant Rinaldo, and his two children, Oreste, a former Olympic champion whose gym center is on the verge of bankruptcy, and Lucrezia, a neurotic and preposterous blogger. Their journey becomes an opportunity investigate their old family ties and relationships while challenging their beliefs as they finally get to know each other.

BEYOND THE MIST directed by Giuseppe Varlotta
A week before Easter an actor called “The Maestro” disappears from the set which he had secretly created to shoot an historical film. A detective is discreetly instructed to investigate his fate. A strange feeling envelops the detective from the very beginning of his investigation. He goes through the disquieting feeling of being somehow involved in the events of the actor, who lived in a former chocolate factory where years before a child was drowned in the adjacent waterfall. Several esoteric signs suggest that a dark world envelops the story.

BEHIND THE WHITE GLASSES directed by Valerio Ruiz
Behind the White Glasses is the story about Lina Wertmüller’s life and career. First woman in the world to receive a nomination for the Academy Award as best director for her masterpiece Seven beauty. From the unpublished pictures taken in Cinecittà when she was Federico Fellini’s assistant director for in 8 1⁄2 , the documentary takes us to the places where her most famous films were set, revealing the artistic and human universe of a woman who with her unfailing irony, has left her mark in all fields entertainment in which she worked: cinema, drama, television, music.

UGLY NASTY PEOPLE directed by Cosimo Gomez
A group of wild, physically disabled gangsters has a plan to rob a bank, but things go terribly wrong when it has revealed that they each had their own personal agenda.

COUCH POTATOES directed by Francesca Archibugi
Giorgio and Tito are father and son – a successful journalist and a lazy teenager apparently impossible to understand. Giorgio’s dream is to take Tito to the Nasca Hill in Liguria, but Tito prefers to spend the day with his group of friends, eating, talking about nothing and playing video games. Suddenly one day, Tito informs his father that he would join him in this trip. After a series of accidents and misunderstandings, somehow, father and son will find a way to communicate… or at least they will try.

THE TAMING OF THE SHREW directed by Franco Zeffirelli
Petruchio, a poverty-stricken gentleman from Verona, journeys to Padua in search of a wealthy wife. There, he encounters Katharina, a self-willed shrew who leads Petruchio on a merry chase before he successfully circumvents her attempts to avoid marriage. Their honeymoon becomes a humorous battle of wit and insult with Kate as determined to maintain her independence as Petruchio is to "tame" her. When the embattled couple returns to Padua, Kate helps Petruchio win a wager that his is the most obedient of wives. In reality, the shrewish Kate has found a more effective way to dominate her mate.

WHEN THE SHADOWS FALL directed by Valentina Pedicini
A nursing home for the elderly is surrounded by an agreeable wood. This is the only place that Anna, born to a Jewish family, remembers. Anna is now a nurse. The company in her life is Hans, he works as a gardener. The past returns in the form of an old woman named Gertrude. Within the Anna-Gertrude-Hans triangle, the home loses its current outline and returns to what it was: a cruel shelter for Jewish children removed from their families, the temple of a eugenics project spearheaded by Gertrude herself. Anna resumes the search for what has made her slave to that place.

TREASURE HUNT directed by Carlo Vanzina
The film follows the life of Domenico, a man forced to live in his sister-in-law’s apartment with his son who is affected by a heart disease. The youngster can only be saved by having surgery in the United States. To raise the money for the trip, the child’s mother and uncle kneel in front of the altar of San Gennaro, and a miracle occurs in the form of an “authorization” on behalf of the saint: The two are convinced that the Saint has given them the permission to take one of the jewels from his miter to pay for the trip. However, mother and uncle with the help of Ferdinando, Cesare and Claudia, they set out on a treasure hunt that will take them from Naples to Cannes.

RENATA FONTE directed by Fabio Mollo
Renata Fonte, an Assessor and a Municipal Counselor in Nardò, was a politician who paid her civil commitment with her life. She was not afraid to fight against anyone and everyone in her pursuit of justice. Only a few days are left before a new city plan is to be presented to prevent the natural area of Porto Selvaggio from becoming a profit-making tourist resort. Renata will not be able to attend the meeting because she will be killed. Initially, it was difficult to prove what really happened, but thanks to the Police Chief’s, the instigators and the hitmen were eventually found.

IN MY STEPS directed by Claudio Sestieri
Marta is a young Olympic diver who recently lost her father when she suffers a serious pool injury. The rationalism of her older sister Muriel intensifies her psychological trauma, her long-lasting rehabilitation, her pain and her loneliness. She decides to move from Barcelona to a small countryside historical Italian village full of artists. Here she will come across Haru, a Japanese girl, muse and lover of Sebastian. Two orphans, two girls escaping from their lives, will share a deeper and deeper friendship, destined to evolve into a strong physical attraction and, finally, into a radical process of cross-identification.

I’M BACK directed by Luca Miniero
Mussolini, incredulous and bewildered, wakes up in the middle of Piazza Vittorio, in contemporary Rome. Aware that the war is over, he finds that everything has totally changed. People ignore him, until young filmmaker Andrea Canaletti mistakes him for a comedian and offers him a leading role in the documentary he is making. Mussolini grabs the opportunity as he secretly hopes to win his power back. The unlikely duo give life to a surrealistic relationship during which they travel throughout Italy. Little by little, Mussolini becomes ever more popular and is offered a leading role in a TV show.

9/11 directed by Martin Guigui
It is the morning of 9/11, a messenger sings “Happy Birthday” to his daughter, a billionaire argues with his wife in a divorce hearing, a maintenance man begins his day, and a young Russian decides she is breaking up with her sugar daddy. When the first plane hits World Trade Center, these five elevator passengers find themselves trapped. Forced to band together, they fight against all odds to escape before the unthinkable collapse occurs. Their story is about courage, faith and the will to live.

PIPINARA directed by Ludovico Di Martino
1974. In a hamlet near Rome that overlooks the sea, two young boys divide their time between petty thefts and football games. Their crimes are still full of the carelessness and exuberance of childhood games, until an unexpected proposal will bring darkness into their lives and to Italy's history.

THE HOUR OF DARKNESS directed by Domenico de Feudis
Calling the rescuers for the young Sofia is the only way to get out from the disturbing place she’s been kept prisoners in the last days. She has to move fast, clock is ticking. A false step and her kidnapper might wake up with all his rage and dark fury.

COUPLE THERAPY FOR CHEATERS directed by Alessandro Maria Federici
What happens if the couple that goes to a marriage counselor is actually a pair of cheaters? Reckless and in love, Viviana and Modesto are bound by an uncontrollable passion. Their secret relationship winds up in front of an incredulous therapist, who will do anything to help them to understand their feelings and deal with their desire to pursue true love.

ADIOS FREAKIN’ MONSTER FROM VENUS directed by Francesco Capalbo
After trying to do just about everything else imaginable to find a job, Ciro, a highly-skilled graphic designer, specialized in having doors slammed in his face and many other failures, decides to enroll in a contest. Without taking it too seriously, he sends a job application to aliens. Adios Freakin' Monsters from Venus perfectly embodies The Jackal’s surrealist, creative spirit and irreverent humor. Naples, spaceships, aliens and special effects. An odyssey on Earth and in space to tell a story about love and friendship and, above all, about the drive to express your talent and make your dreams come true. Anywhere.

BACK HOME directed by Riccardo Donna
Fausto Morra, owner of a large farm in Piedmont, is in a coma due to an accident. When he wakes up five years later, he finds that everything has changed: his wife has rebuilt her life with his best friend, their children have grown up and his company is on the verge of bankruptcy. In addition, his memory is full of shadows and from these shadows emerge disturbing details on which Fausto tries to shed light to recover his life and find "the way home".

POISON – THE LAND OF FIRE directed by Diego Olivares
In a small village in the countryside near Naples, a farmer family lives the drama of a violated territory, contaminated by poison that cruel criminal organizations have spread in most of the area. They go through the pain of the disease of the head of their family, Cosimo, and the many conflicts caused by his illness.

FREE THROW directed by Alessandro Valori
Dario is a handsome 25-year-old and a promising basketball player who is always followed by devout groupies. He is an arrogant smartass who insults people. One day, in the middle of the championship season, he is diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and on to complicate things, after being cited for wreckless driving, the judge condemns him to work in a rehab center for disabled. There, he becomes the trainer of a group of young players who are confined to wheelchairs and who depend on him to become a real team. Through this experience and an encounter with a young woman named Isabella, he will realize that he finally needs to change.

ROMEO AND JULIET directed by Franco Zeffirelli 
Shakespeare's classic tale of romance and tragedy. Two families of Verona, the Montagues and the Capulets, have been feuding with each other for years. Young Romeo Montague goes out with his friends to make trouble at a party the Capulets are hosting, but while there he spies the Capulet's daughter Juliet, and falls hopelessly in love with her. She returns his affections, but they both know that their families will never allow them to follow their hearts.

BLADE RUNNER 2049 directed by Denis Villeneuve
Three decades after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K, unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society into chaos. K’s discovery leads him on a quest to find Rick Deckard, a former LAPD blade runner who has been missing for 30 years.

ROSY ABATE directed by Beniamino Catena
Two years have passed since Rosy Abate was presumed dead due to an explosion at a gas station. But in truth, Rosy changed her life by moving to Liguria and assuming the new identity of Claudia Lodato. However, her past is too involved to remain buried forever. One day, two mafiosos get in touch with and tell her the shocking news that her son Leonardo is still alive. To understand what’s really behind the Mafia’s message, she sets out on a journey which will lead her to Rome and finally back to Sicily.

CINDERELLA THE CAT directed by Ivan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri, Alessandro Rak and Dario Sansone
Cenerentola (Cinderella) grew up inside Megaride, a huge ship that has been anchored in the Port of Naples for more than 15 years. Her father, a rich ship owner and scientist, has died, taking to his grave the technological secrets of the ship and his dream of bringing the port back to life.

MERMAIDS A romantic comedy where the sea and the land are involved in the oldest battle ever: male versus female. Sirens have come out on mainland to give a future to their species enchanting men with their magic, but actually Neapolitan men will amaze and conquer them with the help of their passionate nature.

THE PLACE directed by Paolo Genovese 
A mysterious man sits every day at the same table of the same restaurant, accepting to grant his visitors’ biggest wishes and assigning them peculiar tasks to accomplish in return. What will they be ready to do to get what they want?

BEYOND THE EDGE directed by Aleksandr Boguslavskiy and Francesco Cinquemani
In Moscow, a talented gambler gathers a team of con artists with supernatural powers to win big at a casino. However, their plan comes unraveled when they encounter a stronger mystical rival.

ISABELLA directed by Claudio Pelizzer
Inspired by the story of the great Lady of the Renaissance the short tells the last days of the Marchesa di Mantova, Isabella d'Este, who with love and strenuous passion defended her role as woman and mother until her secret meeting with "other Isabella", his son Federico’s lover, Isabella Boschetti.

Claudia and Flavio were passionately in love for a long time until their fierce romance finally comes to an end. They find themselves as two lost souls at the age of fifty. Flavio’s fury drives him to move on and get back down to earth. Claudia, on the other hand, is struggling to let go. When Flavio meets Giorgia, it’s love at first sight. Claudia has known Nina since university, where they were divided by status, age, and the idea that respect would never turn into love. However, Nina is both beautiful and seductive. She is irresistible.

Alex, a high school student, has formed a band with his friends Christian, Emma and Sam. When the radio announces a concert for musical groups of local high schools, Alex & Co. prepare to participate with enthusiasm. Nevertheless, the new, very strict headmaster of their school is strongly opposed. Will our heroes overcome the obstacles created not only by the principal, but also by parents who seem unwilling to support their dreams?

THE VEGETABLE directed by Gennaro Nunziante
Young Fabio must cope with a difficult father and a spoiled sister, both of whom consider him useless, and compare him to a vegetable. The unlucky son has a chance to react to his family’s disdain and to his demanding employers when an unexpected turn of event changes everything and offers him a precious opportunity. Among hilarious and paradoxical situations, Fabio will reinvent himself and his life.

LIKE A CAT ON A HIGHWAY directed by Riccardo Milani
Giovanni the theoretician: he is a prophet of social integration who lives in the historical center of Rome. Monica, the practical woman: a former supermarket check-out clerk who lives on the outskirts of the city and deals with integration every day. They’d never have met if their children hadn’t decided to become a couple. Monica and Giovanni are as different as two human beings could possibly be, but they share a common goal – the relationship between their kids must end. They have to start meeting and enter each other’s worlds. Until something between them suddenly changes.

TWO BROTHERS IN A PLACE CALLED TRINITY directed by Richard Harrison, Renzo Genta
Two estranged half-brothers inherit a piece of land in a place called Trinity but have different plans for it: one wants to build a whorehouse, the other a church. It is one of the many comedies made in the wake of Barboni’s successes with Hill & Spencer. Harrison wrote, produced and directed the film, and understandably, it is his personal favorite among the Italian westerns he appeared in.

THE MUSIC OF SILENCE directed by Michael Radford
Amos was born with the gift of a voice, but at the same time, with a serious problem regarding his eyes. However, it is there that he has a terrible accident; a blow to his face causes him total blindness. Amos does not give up. Driven by great ambition and interests his life will be one challenge after another until he manages to achieve his first great success on stage with Miserere. From here begins a life studded with victories but in which the silent pursuit of a daily mission continues, the mission of one who must work harder than others, in every gesture, at every step.




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